When you mention having bipolar 2 I exclaimed out loud “Bestieee” because that honestly puts quite a bit into context. My neurodivergence and chronic pain affect me a bit similarly. I’ve participated in the last four years of nanowrimo progressively beating my own personal best time (partly inspired by “Take off You Pants!” and cranking something out in a short time period), which was 21, 15, and 10 days (last year), but I burnt myself out creatively so bad. I barely wrote this past year. I’m taking nano nice and slow this year, just keeping up with the daily word count. It bugs me that I have to pace myself and accommodate myself so in many ways bc my ADHD likes to go fast but the autism etc need a sustainable speed and structure.

If you haven’t heard of this before, Omega 3s, CoQ10, magnesium and vitamin D can be helpful for hypertension AND bipolar 2. I use half of these myself and many more supplements and I wanted to pass on what amateur knowledge I may possess.

I’m super pumped for the Van Gogh project, since you first mentioned it on twitter I’ve thought of you pretty much any time I see something about him. And since you mentioned TikTok, I hope you won’t be or haven’t been confused by the random shit I tag you in sometimes. I keep encountering content that makes me think “Libbie might like this”.

Thanks for such a fun episode, it had me laughing. I hope you feel more like yourself soon.

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