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Episode 3: Starting a New Book

Selfie on the Edge of Forever: Vlog Edition!

Gosh, I wish closed captions or automatic transcripts were a thing on Substack. Maybe in a future update. Until then, I’ll type out the transcript of each mini-vlog episode myself, for accessibility. At least they’re short! Ha ha.


Like I mentioned lat time, yes, I am working on a new book now.

I’m putting together an outline for an idea I think will make a strong follow-up to another of my books, and I’m going to get that idea as fleshed out as I possibly can, figure out the theme, which is tremendously important to me—not all writers are into theme, but I definitely am.

I’m figuring out the characters and the broad strokes of the plot at this point, and this is going to be a sci-fi novel, so I’m also working in as much world-building as I can.

I’m in the process of looking for a new agent at the moment, and when I do settle on a new agent, I’d like to have this outline ready to sell as a proposal, along with the full manuscript I’ve got for sale, with the hopes that I’ll be able to land a multi-book deal and maybe even have those books sell at auction. We’ll see. It’s very hard to predict that kind of thing. There’s only so much a midlist author like me can do to try to encourage a big sale. But you know… you have to try! Every time, you have to try.